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The easiest way to disambiguate your text editions.

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All potentially ambiguous words in the text are annotated with an appropriate \sameword{} macro. If the file is already annotated, no words will be doubly annotated.
The annotations in the file are updated by effectively removing all existing annotations and annotating it anew. This is useful if changes are made to the text that may have consequences for the sameword annotations.
As the name implies, this cleans a file for all sameword annotations.

What is Samewords?

The short answer: Samewords automatically annotates potentially ambiguous words in critical text editions created in LaTeX with the Reledmac package.

The slightly longer answer: In critical textual editions notes in the critical apparatus are normally made to the line where the words occur. This leads to ambiguous references when a critical apparatus note refers to a word that occurs more than once in a line. For example:

We have a passage of text here, such a nice place for a critical note.
1 a] om. M

It is very unclear which of three instances of “a” the note refers to.

Reledmac is a great LaTeX package that facilitates typesetting critical editions of prime quality. It already provides facilities for disambiguating identical words, but it requires the creator of the critical text to mark all potential instances of ambiguous references manually (see the Reledmac handbook for the details on that). Samewords automates this step for the editor.

To learn more, see the Samewords documentation.

Other ways of using it

This is only a web interface for the Samewords software. You can also either run it locally or access an API at a HTTP endpoint. This is all covered in the Samewords documentation.

Your texts

The Samewords effort has no interest in aggregating or appropriating your material. To make the processed files available for your download it is however necessary to store them on the server. They are automatically deleted after up to 48 hours. Although the system processes and edits your files, this does not change the copyright or ownership conditions of the material.

Problems or suggestions

If you experience any problems with this webservice or the output of the processing script, please create an issue.

Any ideas for improvement of the script or this web service, or would you like to help out with the project, please also get in contact.